PaynoPain is a fintech company with offices in Madrid and Castellón dedicated to research and technological development specializing in payment methods.

Its mission is to make any financial management easy and agile and for this they are constantly looking for simple and innovative solutions by putting the most advanced technology at the service of society. They are committed to the latest technologies and methodologies to create innovative and quality products. This continuous effort has made that since 2019 they perform more than 3 million transactions per month.

PaynoPain started with the development of different technological solutions and payment methods and made sure to comply with the PCI DSS security standard to be able to operate in all markets and meet the requirements of this regulation. Although it had been PCI DSS certified for years, it decided to give a chance to another QSA PCI DSS company, A2SECURE, because of the closeness it conveyed in the presentation of the proposal.

The collaboration between PaynoPain and A2SECURE began with the PCI DSS audit more than 2 years ago and has been growing closer over the years and different security projects have been carried out, such as the Business Continuity Plan and advice on ISO27001 standards, which have made us more than a supplier, we are a security partner, thanks to the trust placed in us by PaynoPain.

PCI DSS-certified Payment Methods for all Industries

PaynoPain has a wide range of payment methods that fit the needs of each industry, solutions for hotels, microcredit solutions, collaborative economy, e-commerce, teleoperator and banking sector. Each of the solutions provided by PaynoPain are PCI DSS certified by a QSA certified company to protect card payment transaction information at all times.

Having the security of payments and that transactions are protected, is the goal of PaynoPain and thus provides greater confidence and security for both businesses and the end customer.