To carry out our projects we have the help of the best solutions in each specialty. We have established a relationships with security software manufacturers with whom we have partnership agreements to distribute their solutions and offer managed services for them.


Through our technology partner Qualys, A2SECURE offers the most complete solution on the market for managing internal and external network vulnerabilities.


Secunia CSI 7.0 is a vulnerability and patch management solution that combines intelligence and vulnerability analysis with the creation and deployment of patches to complete the patch management process.


Security audits for websites require detailed inspections, even at a network level. Discover all types of network security problems before cybercriminals discover your data through a vulnerable network, operating system or services.


“Varonis DatAdvantage” solution allows access to company data in an accurate, automated and scalable way, revoking unjustified permits and auditing and monitoring access data.

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