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If we talk about Fintech and Neobanks, we are talking about the sector that is currently facing the greatest digital evolution. Regulations such as PSD2 are making it evolve exponentially, transforming the world of finance, cryptocurrencies, electronic money, means of payment, Neobanks… All these initiatives have in common, putting the customer at the center of a new digital ecosystem, placing all the options in his or her fingertips. But while everything is approches to the user digitally, the risks are also increasing, making operational cybersecurity and regulatory compliance essential.

A2SECURE offers specialized services for the banking and fintech sector with a holistic version of Cybersecurity. Ensuring regulatory compliance through close operational Cybersecurity.

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A2SECURE has been recognized as a Representative Vendor in the Gartner Market Guide for Co-Managed Security Monitoring Services

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Mastercard will mandate a risk management program for Level 3 merchants

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