Security Master Plan

Cybersecurity-aware business strategy.

Covers your cybersecurity risks, a clear strategy that meets your specific needs

Addressing cybersecurity in an organisation and improving security in the current digital world is not always easy. You have to plan the steps to be taken, get management buy-in and monitor in real time the strategy to deal with security incidents and risks that emerge in the organisation and that compromise the security of the information or data that the business handles.

Security Director Plan

Each organisation has its own Security Director Plan (SDP), because the projects handled by this department vary in function of the size of the business, its tech maturity, industry, legal situation, kind of information, etc

A2SECURE draws up a tailored Security Director Plan for each business. The service sets out priorities, identifies the people involved and the resources that are going to be used to improve the organisation’s level of security in the digital world.

1. Current situation

Risk analysis covering technology, structural, regulatory and legal issues.
Involvement of key people in the business to accurately assess the current situation.
Assessment of the current situation of the organisation to determine what controls and requirements are relevant.

2. The organisation’s strategy

Understanding the corporate strategy. We look at current and future projects, growth plans, reorganisations, etc. Centralisation versus outsourcing strategy for IT services, security and cybersecurity.

3. Security Projects and Initiatives

Determine the steps, initiatives and projects required to reach the right level of security for the organisation given the industry, the customer’s current situation, the competition and the investment strategy. Categorising initiatives and projects is the most important step to showing the direction of travel and the path to follow – the roadmap.

4. Board Approval

Present the Security Director Plan to the organisation to get approval for all the security projects and steps to be taken and get the approval and investment required to carry them out.

5. Implementation of the SDP

Once projects and other steps have been determined and prioritised, it is time to start managing those project so as to follow the roadmap in the Security Director Plan to reach the optimal level of security for the organisation. A2SECURE takes care of managing security and the implementation and support required to carry forward everything in the plan on time and as planned.

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