Nextail was born in 2014 with one goal: to have an intelligent platform for retail marketing that anticipates localized demand and deliver automated, data-driven decisions that its customers need to succeed and transform their entire business.

With its innovative technology Nextail has managed to position itself as one of the pioneering startups in the market and therefore considers it essential to ensure that its platform is secure and performs regular security activities such as vulnerability scans and ethical hacking audits to protect all the information it manages for its customers.

For these activities, A2SECURE has relied on its reactivity and cultural proximity. The technological activities have been developed in a very pleasant way and with a close collaboration between the two companies from the kickoff of the project until its completion.

The fast communication, flexibility and the great work done by the Nextail team at the technological level have made the project to be completed on time and without deviations.

Benefit from Recurring Security Activities

Performing regular security activities allows companies to strengthen security and keep abreast of new vulnerabilities that may arise and be able to address them in a structured and timely manner in case they apply directly to the organization’s systems.

It also provides an understanding of the avenues for improvement at the infrastructure and platform level and to take action to ensure the security of the systems that support customer information and the organization itself.