By albert, In Blog, Posted 27 Jul 2020

The Trust Issue

Have you ever considered the amount of trust that is needed to acquire goods or services? As our partner Knowbe4…

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By albert, In Blog, Posted 15 Ene 2020

Travel safely, please!

Usual traveler? Do you commonly travel because of business? The bad news is that you are vulnerable! Business travelers are…

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By albert, In Blog,PCI, Posted 18 Oct 2019

¿Por qué necesito una autorización para hacer Hacking Ético?

Estudio de las etapas de Hacking Ético desde el punto de vista del mosaico legal. Desde el nacimiento de Internet,…

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By albert, In Blog, Posted 19 Sep 2019

Your iPhone is (in)secure

iPhone is considered the most unhackable smartphone, especially thanks to the fact that it is a closed OS so nobody…

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