SWIFT CSP Compliance Service

The security control framework designed to help customers protect their local environments and foster a more secure financial ecosystem

SWIFT CSP Advice and Compliance

Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated in the financial community. The persistence of such threats underlines the importance of remaining vigilant and proactive over the long term. While corporates are responsible for protecting their own environments and access to SWIFT (a nationwide banking network for transfers), SWIFT has created the Customer Security Programme (CSP), introduced to assist customers in the fight against cyber fraud. The CSP establishes a common set of security controls designed to help customers protect their local environments and foster a safer financial ecosystem.

Full Compliance SWIFT

A2SECURE’s professional and highly qualified experts in the SWIFT regulatory framework provide the necessary support and advice to companies, intimately understanding the environment and its casuistry.

The Full Compliance SWIFT service provides ongoing support to help meet your information security objectives by reducing SWIFT CSP scope and therefore risk, providing a comprehensive set of proprietary and partner solutions to help reduce risk and achieve compliance and confidence for banks by getting support and advice from a company specialising in regulatory frameworks and cybersecurity that assists, monitors and reviews compliance status against regulations.

1. Scope analysis

Review of assets that are part of the scope of this standard, as well as defining the architecture that would apply to the SWIFT CSP regulatory framework, which will define what controls we need to apply.

2. GAP Analysis

Assessment of the organisation’s current environment with the SWIFT CSP through a combination of network architecture, documentation review, policy and procedure review and system component configuration analysis. It will identify where gaps and opportunities for improvement exist to meet the requirements of the standard.

3. Risk analysis

A customer-tailored risk identification, analysis and assessment process to identify security gaps in people, processes and technology related to the SWIFT scope.

4. Tests de intrusión​ ​y scans de vulnerabilidades

Ethical hacking activities focused on covering the requirements associated with vulnerability scans and penetration tests.

5. Awareness

A2SECURE’s advanced awareness programme ensures that the organisation is fully compliant with the associated SWIFT CSP requirement and its employees are aware of the regulations as well as cybersecurity across the board.

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