Innovation and differentiation, gaining competitive advantages including Cybersecurity in the IoT world.

Startup founded in Barcelona by D-ATT (Developers with attitude). TicTAP, a consulting company developing mobile applications and IoT solutions focuses on generating a new way to connect the physical world with the digital world to generate competitive advantages to all its customers, promoting new technologies.

Seeking Cybersecurity adapted to IoT environment

In this new era, where all companies are in this digital world to a greater or lesser extent, the security and protection of the information of the company and its customers must be protected.

The world is interconnected, not only through computers and mobile devices, the technology changes, the solutions too, and in this era of the Internet of things, the exposure of information and the derived risks increase if it is not built and designed taking into account the possible risks to which it is exposed.

Jordi Breda, co-founder of TicTAP, explains:
“Our philosophy, since we started, is to do things right and protect our clients’ golden assets, their information. That’s why it was essential to have professionals to advise us on this path.”

As cyber threats against businesses become more common and potentially dangerous than ever, TicTAP needs to be fully equipped to identify and mitigate any potential risks before they impact its customers.

“Our information security department is in its infancy, having been established only three years ago,” says Jordi Breda. “We are continuously working to refine our approach to information security management.”

To ensure the protection of the company’s own and its customers’ information systems, TicTAP sought out a company specializing in Cybersecurity to get the right advice and ensure the protection of the company’s and its customers’ information from design.

Standardization of processes, Safety by Design

TicTAP is a company specialized in IoT solutions and needed a company like A2SECURE, specialized in Cybersecurity. Thanks to the joint collaboration between TicTAP and A2SECURE, TicTAP has achieved a global vision of Cybersecurity, establishing a strategic plan adapted to its business, its possibilities, its resources and its company.

A startup, a young, dynamic company, not very rigid but with a vision of the future and a way of doing things as a company with many years of experience in the sector and with a high growth potential.

Working side by side, a strategic cybersecurity plan has been established in the short, medium and long term, always continuously updated to maintain and improve the security of its solutions and infrastructure throughout the road and journey that TicTAP has ahead.