Ecopaynet, a company dedicated to offering Payment & Communications solutions, was born with one premise, to improve the electronic commerce system between commerce and financial institutions, offering tools that optimize the current collection systems of cashier or billing applications, making them faster, safer, more efficient and avoiding errors.

With its innovative technology it provides its technology partners (customers) with the tools and 24×7 service needed to gain control in the flow of collections with financial and private cards, incorporating improvements that increase the performance of its technology partners and minimizing costs.

The key to success lies in the rapport between client and supplier/partner!

Ecopaynet was looking for a technology partner that, among other things, understood the complexity of the process, but above all, that could complement and integrate with them to improve security and comply with the PCI DSS standard, given that as a company, its culture and values are focused on offering the best technological solutions but with the added value of human capital, proximity and knowing its customers (many have been working with them for more than 15 years) and its technology partners and fit them together as a whole to achieve the overall success of all parties involved.

The collaboration between Ecopaynet and A2SECURE we can say, on both sides, that it is a collaboration that is not focused on a specific project, but the fact of having understood the needs of Ecopaynet, understand the solutions and expertise that A2SECURE could provide with total honesty, has achieved that both companies work together to achieve the objectives set from the beginning. The power of adaptation by both companies has been essential for A2SECURE to establish itself as a technology partner of Ecopaynet.

Benefits of secure payment methods!

For companies, delegating payment services often creates a certain reluctance, since they are the most important channels of success of a business or commerce, in the end, everything ends up in an economic transaction.

Merchants are sometimes unaware of the dangers arising from the inappropriate use of payment methods, the importance of data and their sensitivity.

Making a simile with an aircraft, prior to take off, a check list is executed, thus ensuring both for pilots and passengers, the stability and good behavior and course of the aircraft in flight, arriving at destination with full confidence and security.

Ecopaynet with its payment method solutions seeks the same, to protect merchants and ensure that transactions are carried out efficiently and securely. “Although there are things that are not seen in the operation of a flight, it does not mean that planning, processes and security are not taken care of for each flight,” says Iñaki Executive Director & co-founder of Ecopaynet.

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