Macropay Payment Solutions (Macropay) was created in 2009 with the goal of creating the payment gateway that accepts payments from any country and it has been built. The Macropay team created a flexible payment platform from the ground up designed to meet the needs of businesses around the world, both large and small, and compliant with the PCI DSS payment card security standard from minute zero.

Its goal is to help companies overcome obstacles and boundaries and connect to new markets. Constantly looking for ways to improve, and evolving with the rapidly changing needs of global business, they provide solutions to their clients’ current and future problems.

When Macropay Payment Solutions created the payment gateway they had a need which was to create a payment gateway that met security standards and therefore contacted A2SECURE to make the payment gateway compliant from the start.

For this reason, an initial conceptual explanation of the implications of PCI DSS was given to the entire staff before starting the PCI DSS consulting and compliance project so that the entire organization would understand each of the requirements of the standard and thus be able to carry out the development accompanied by a QSA PCI DSS company.

The project was carried out without any setback since the entire Macropay team was involved to a greater or lesser extent in the project and made the development, the technological solutions proposed and the support of the management bear fruit, achieving PCI DSS compliance in record time.

Providing Peace of Mind to Suppliers and Customers with PCI DSS

Data processing and, above all, with respect to payment card data, are highly sensitive data and must be treated with the strictest level of security and hence comply with the security standard that guarantees this level of security and sensitivity to customers and suppliers.

For a company like Macropay, information security is a key pillar and for this reason they are in constant contact with A2SECURE to obtain the necessary advice and resolve any doubts about new projects or initiatives because security is applied throughout the life cycle of their solutions.