Easy Payment Gateway

Easy Payment Gateway was founded in 2014 by Alex Capurro. After years of work in the sector, its objective is determinant, to help companies to easily process and control their payments, just with a click!

Its payment and anti-fraud solutions allow the possibility of concentrating different payment methods from different countries under the same umbrella, with more than 190 alternative payment methods and 35 credit card processors around the world, it offers its customers a really easy and fast integration.

Easy Payment Gateway processes more than one million transactions per month and therefore complies with the PCI DSS payment card security standard since its inception.

The Benefit of Achieving Continuous Improvement with PCI DSS!

Since 2014 when Easy Payment Gateway was founded it has always been advised and compliant with the security standard, but they realized that the service they were getting from the provider was not the best fit for them and decided to give A2SECURE a chance.

The collaboration between Easy Payment Gateway and A2SECURE started more than 3 years ago and from the first contact synergies were established between both companies achieving a common goal, to turn the annual renewal of PCI DSS certification into a perfectly structured, planned and continuous improvement process.

This objective has been possible thanks to the close relationship and fluid communication between the two companies.

From the beginning of the service, the payment card security standard has been analyzed jointly, understanding each of the requirements of the regulation as it affects each control, reviewing the infrastructure designed by Easy Payment Gateway, providing improvements and studying the best option at the lowest cost.

Both companies have worked together to ensure that PCI DSS certification is not simply a matter of achieving certification, but of establishing an integral culture throughout the organization, establishing security processes in all areas and ensuring that all customer information managed is secure within Easy Payment Gateway. This ensures that there are no surprises in the certification process and that it is carried out in a simple and agile manner for both parties.