Ingens Networks

Ingens Networks is a company dedicated to providing managed services for more than 20 years. Its main lines of business are integrated services, IP voice solutions, virtualization and security for its customers.

PCI-DSS as a security standard

Technology companies and more so companies that offer technology services have always been conscious of protecting their clients’ information, based on security standards.

Ingens Networks since its inception has made all its solutions with a security perspective based on NIST, ISO, OWASP and PCI-DSS as internationally recognized security standards.

In this collaboration between Ingens and A2SECURE, we have worked to understand the PCI-DSS standards and how these standards have helped Ingens in the security of its platforms.

Máximo Domínguez, Director of Ingens Networks assures that “the work carried out together with A2SECURE has been a success, thanks to the treatment and communication between the employees of both companies, the PCI-DSS regulation has been analyzed and how it influences part of the Ingens infrastructure, securing the information systems”.

Processes, People and Technology, the three pillars of PCI-DSS

Ingens Networks is a company specialized in technology and needed a company like A2SECURE, specialized in Cybersecurity and certified by the PCI-DSS Council as a QSA company. Thanks to the collaboration between Ingens Networks and A2SECURE, Ingens has been able to adopt the PCI-DSS regulation as its own in all its technological processes that deal with credit and debit card data.

The PCI-DSS standard is not just technological controls that are implemented and ready to go, it is a continuous improvement process that helps clients to have formalized processes that are reviewed periodically, to update and secure the technology used and to make people working in PCI-DSS environments aware of the data they are managing and establishing the appropriate security measures, based on the standard to ensure compliance with PCI-DSS.