Case Mittum

Designing secure e-mail marketing solutions

Mittum is a VIKO Group company, it is the first online marketing group expert in e-commerce, and has presence in 4 cities in 2 different countries: Barcelona, Madrid, Vigo and Mexico DF

Mittum is a company specialized in email marketing with its own technology since 1999 and has always been concerned about the security of its platforms, which is why, as a result of the new platform, it hired A2SECURE to perform a pentest to ensure that its platform was secure and the information managed on it is adequately protected.

Solutions tailored to each client, but always with a security perspective in all of them

Any platform, service or application that is exposed to the Internet has an inherent risk, the risk of being hacked and that all the information and logic of the platform can be violated.

For this reason, at Mittum, we have always taken this risk into account and we have always wanted to protect ourselves. Thanks to A2SECURE’s Ethical Hacking service, which has focused on carrying out an exhaustive study of the platform, analyzing the possible vulnerabilities and attack vectors, we have managed to make our platform more secure against this type of risk.
type of risks.

Cybersecurity is important for any company and in particular for ecommerce or o-line platforms, where attack vectors are more frequent, given the possibility of accessing these platforms through the Internet. Therefore, a periodic review of the platform confirms that we continue to do things right and that the information is as protected as possible