AFTERBANKS is a company specialized in the development of banking aggregation systems through which it is possible to analyze the movement in all your bank accounts through a single web application.

It has a solution that integrates with any type of bank, it is the AFTERBANKS API solution, the standardization of the connection with any bank in real time.

To Test our API by Generating Confidence in our Customers

AFTERBANKS cares about information security, so they comply with different security standards and all data protection requirements.

With a focus on security, they asked A2SECURE to perform a review of their API to ensure that all development complied with security standards and best practices.

The project was developed in an agile and easy way, with different meetings with AFTERBANKS developers and the team assigned to the project by A2SECURE being the key human factor in the success of the project.

Also, training in secure development was provided to the AFTERBANKS developers team to provide more knowledge about the perspective of an attacker, i.e., what an attacker is looking for to extract the information and what are the points on which it will be fixed.

Committed to Data Protection

AFTERBANKS’ customer information is one of its greatest assets and therefore securing and protecting this information has always been in the focus and objectives and hence the conviction to perform cybersecurity actions on a regular basis.

The realization of these projects has provided the homologation of the AFTERBANKS API and successfully comply at the regulatory level with different standards.

From A2SECURE’s perspective it has been an enriching project. Working with clients that have a focus on security is always a challenge for us and helps us to improve and test ourselves every day.