Our CyberSecurity experts team offers on-line and face-to-face workshops and trainings for our clients.

We have a wide catalog of security-related trainings, with the aim to help our clients to improve best practices related to the security of their infrastructures and applications, as well as to raise awareness about how to use information systems securely.
Our courses are customized for our clients based on their needs, their business risks, and the employee profiles to which the training is addressed.

CyberSecurity Awareness

Security starts with people. No matter how big security investments are, the weakest and the most attacked link currently is the human factor.

Nowadays, the easiest and most preferred entry gateway for an attacker is to trespass on the goodwill of employees by means of malicious calls or emails. Thus, personnel awareness regarding CyberSecurity issues is key to protect organizations.

CyberSecurity C-Level Training

Directors, Executives, or Managers who travel daily and use their tablets, mobile phones or laptops, often face multiple attacks by cybercriminals who aim to obtain personal and company data in order to use it maliciously.

It is important for C-Level professionals to be aware of the risks both they and their families are exposed to. This training aims to raise awareness in improving C-Level professionals’ interaction at a security level with the technology they are surrounded by. Consequently, they will be aware of the risks they are exposed to and how to act in case of being attacked by a cybercriminal.

Social Engineering

Assessing the effectiveness of training plans in Cybersecurity is possible through real controlled Social Engineering attacks.

A2secure offers Social Engineering services, which assess the employees’ awareness level and training effectiveness, as well as other controls implemented by companies.

PCI-DSS Trainings

As a QSA company that specializes in helping its clients in complying with the PCI-DSS standard, A2SECURE offers specific courses for companies from different sectors (tourism, payment gateways, e-commerce, technology, retail, etc.).

We help our clients to comply with all PCI-DSS standard requirements and, consequently, we offer all the necessary PCI-DSS training and awareness courses,

Hacking Workshop

Understanding how a hacker thinks, how they plan an attack … in short, how they act, is one of the best ways to know how to protect ourselves from them. Our Hacking Workshops are oriented towards entering this world through CTF (Capture The Flag) games with parallel training

Secure Development Training

Developing is one thing, but developing securely is quite another. Developers think primarily about functionality, reducing the lines of code and ensuring that everything works. But sometimes they forget to develop following the software life cycle, and without taking into account the security in each line of code or function.

Our training programs are intended to show developers the methodology of secure development and become aware of how to develop so as not to leave security breaches that can be exploited.

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