Social Engineering

Make your people a cybersecurity strength for your organisation.

Raising awareness of Cybersecurity

Have you ever put your username and password in a link in an email? Could you spot a phishing attack? How many of your staff do you think would fall for a fake malicious email?

Social Engineering means obtaining confidential information by manipulating legitimate users. It is a technique used by some people to obtain information, access and permissions for IT systems so that they can do something that harms or exposes the person or company.

Raising awareness of Social Engineering

There is a big difference between training and raising awareness. Training is giving employees the knowledge required to protect information. Raising awareness is involving employees in that protection, not just showing them but making them an integral part of the process.

We have market-leading awareness-raising, training and simulated phishing campaigns, up to date content in several languages and gamification at every level for staff in every departments and senior management. We take care of everything, using Cloud software that requires no installation, real-time assessment by employee and by department. Find out your staff’s level of awareness and drastically increase their awareness, ensuring that your business information is protected and reducing the risk of an actual attack.

On-line 360 Awareness-Raising

A2SECURE – your awareness-raising programme that ensures:

  • Value for money, annual per user licensing with the support of experts who will continuously measure progress and the advances made through your cybersecurity programme.
  • Effectiveness and Gamification, use of interactive tools with constantly updated content and specialised trainers who create content for your organisation.
  • Personalised dashboards, departmental reports, individual reports and analysis of the level of security maturity of all employees.

Online 360 Awareness-Raising

A2SECURE offers on-site Cybersecurity Awareness-Raising programmes tailored to each customer:

  • Bespoke service, we review your organisation and its structure, do internet searches to see what information is public (OSINT), assess the level of awareness within the organisation with KPIs and reports on cybersecurity awareness.
  • Social engineering for each part of the business; we run simulated phishing and social engineering attacks (by email – voice phishing – vishing and face-to-face phishing – USB malware).
  • Weekly security newsletters; generation of weekly content specific to each industry and business about the most significant cybersecurity attacks and how you should protect yourself alongside periodic social engineering campaigns to keep up to date with new internet attacks that might compromise the security or your organisation.

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