The differentiation is in Landbot and its commitment to provide secure platforms that help customers increase the conversion rate of their websites.

Startup founded in Barcelona, Landbot is a software company that offers its customers the creation of personalized conversations to improve the user experience of its customers always under the perspective of securing their platforms

Customized and secure chatbots

For years chatbots have been gaining importance in those functions of interaction between companies and their customers, whether for customer service, management of online purchases and payments, sending information and news about the companies, they even create trust and empathy with customers.

Chatbots are very useful tools for companies to increase the conversion rate of a website, however, it is necessary that these platforms are managed securely and are updated to reduce the risk of vulnerabilities and companies using these platforms do not suffer an information leak of sensitive data.

Therefore, Landbot, a company specialized in designing Chatbot solutions, focuses its efforts on securing all its platforms to protect its customers’ information and ensure that its platform is secure.

Jiaqi Pan, CEO & Co-founder of Landbot, explains.
“We focus on providing our customers with solutions that fit their needs and we want to offer the best solutions and to do that, we must be sure that our platforms are secure from internal and external attacks.”

To ensure the protection of the company’s own information systems and those of its customers, Landbot sought out a company specializing in Cybersecurity to get the right advice and ensure the protection of its platform and customer information from design.