Wi-Fi Audits

Wi-Fi Audits

It has been long established that Wi-Fi networks are here to stay within corporate environments. The commodities offered by Wi-Fi networks and their applications are undeniable, but it is important not to neglect their security.

It is important to keep an open door to the outside under control. That is the reason why A2SECURE offers ethical hacking service focused on the review, in terms of security, of this type of communication technology.

“A telecommunications operator for professionals like Neosky, can not only offer the best connections. Giving added value to our services is a necessity and for our clients’ perimeter security we trust in A2SECURE.”

NeoSky Senior Product Manager


It is important to consider that having a Wi-Fi network is like placing an Ethernet port outside the company accessible to anyone, so that the first line of security that protects our internal network, i.e. physical control, is skipped. For that reason, it is important to ensure working with Wi-Fi networks with the least possible risk.


A Wi-Fi audit is a means to discover vulnerability and exploitation in these types of wireless networks. This activity is performed through various checks which may comprise:

  • Inventorying of the active wireless devices
  • Physical Audit: types of devices, antennas and location of devices
  • Checking the use of passwords by default in the infrastructure
  • Study of the wireless network design and the interconnection with the corporate network
  • Technical and business analysis between the network design and the final implementation
  • Analysis of the access control policy design
  • Verification of the security policy of the company to access and use the wireless network
  • Review of the processes/procedures such as access, modification and revocation of network access
  • Identification of problems arising from said processes, such as the procedure to follow in case of theft of a device with stored access information
  • Analysis and evaluation of the encryption system used in access points, “Access points”
  • AAA analysis and evaluation, allowing its implementation/strengthening
  • “Rogue AP” detection /Intrusion detection
  • Evaluation “SNMP public community string access” of access points
  • “SSID broadcast” evaluation
  • Analysis and evaluation of the network monitoring system and of the incident reporting system (SNMP/SYSLOG/WI-FI based)
  • Checking the network against attacks and evaluating the detection mechanisms implemented
  • “Jamming”


Wi-Fi audit services are tailor-made projects for our clients. Thus, our work begins and ends where the client requires, either with:

  • Reporting results
  • Presentation of results meetings and workshops
  • Executive reporting
  • Training sessions aimed at understanding the deficiencies found
  • Remediation period support
  • Validation of remediation

Knowing the security of wireless networks and how to improve their level of security.

What makes us different?

A2SECURE has a highly qualified team to develop Ethical Hacking/Pentesting activities supported by various international certifications. But our trademark is our vocation to make our clients understand our results.

A Pentesting activity is really useful when the client is able to understand what has been found, the risks it implies and how it has been possible to get there. The latter is the key point: knowing how a successful attack has been possible, understanding if it is necessary to implement additional control and change an internal process that is causing breaches. In short, taking advantage of the exercise transforming it into improvements for the company.

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