Security Services

Security Services

Through its team of professionals, A2SECURE offers a range of security services that share the common goal of analysing and auditing our clients’ security in different scenarios and scopes.

In all our projects, our main premise is to help our clients to know the real security status in the scenario posed to us and how to improve it.

Our work is based on best practices and we have a highly specialized team. Our team members undertake further ongoing training and hold certifications such as: PCI QSA, CEH, CHFI, OSCP.

If there is one thing that characterizes our services, it is our close relationship with our clients. We work by implementing our values as a company. We believe that involving our clients in our work is the key to success in transforming our out-put into improvement actions for them, always with our ongoing support and our close relationships with clients.

Our vocation is to be a reference partner for our clients on security issues and a close source of support.


Vulnerability scan

If you believe in the value of regularly auditing your organization’s security level, find out how our vulnerability management service can help you maintain an acceptable level of risk.


Penetration Test

Knowing what a malicious attacker is capable of doing is the most proactive way of closing security breaches before being exploited. Pentesting allows us to know about existing vulnerabilities, how they can be exploited and where we can get through them.

Web application test

A form, a gateway, a button, etc. can become a possible way to access the system through the ports which need to be open on firewalls. Nowadays, it is vitally important to protect web applications against common errors as the ones proposed by OWASP and the intelligence of an attacker.

Mobile Application Test

Mobile apps have become communication, work, leisure, etc. tools. Internet of things. It is crucial to check said apps at a security level in order to protect not only their users, but also the systems to which they connect.

Wi-Fi Audits

Wi-Fi networks offer mobility and comfort to their users, but they carry an intrinsic risk; they can be accessible without a cable, which makes this attack vector extremely attractive for an attacker. That is why these networks need to be protected and audited.

Social Engineering Audits

One of the most effective ways to succeed in an attack is through the human factor. Requesting a password in a friendly way, sending an email with malicious content aiming to steal credentials… Do you know the level of awareness of your organization? We can test it!


When a security incident has occurred, it is important to mitigate it and learn from it. Lessons learnt are the best way to avoid falling back into the same problem. That is the reason why it is essential to know exactly why the incident occurred.

Risks analysis

A risk analysis is an exercise focused on discovering, as its own name implies, risks/threats and the preparation of an action and continuous improvement plan to cover or reduce them to an acceptable level by the company.


LOPD/LSSI are laws affecting not only legal departments, but also IT departments. Adaptation to and compliance with the aforementioned laws can be an easy task if proper guidance is given.

Service Security Office

A2SO is an outsourced Security Office service, which allows those companies without personnel specialized in security to have a multidisciplinary team focused on improving their security with personalized attention.

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