PCI Office

PCI Office

Complying with PCI-DSS is more than passing an annual audit or answering a questionnaire. It involves carrying out a series of regular activities and comparisons, maintaining policies and procedures, etc.
When these tasks mean a significant workload and cost for businesses, companies may outsource some of this work.
A2SECURE offers a PCI Office service which is able to cover all our clients needs to raise to meet the relevant requirements PCI-DSS demands.
A2SECURE has the QSA certification to accompany our clients throughout the whole process of PCI compliance.

Our main activities are:

“For eDreams, as low-cost flights leader, security is a key issue. That is why we work with A2SECURE.“



Do you need to adapt to the standard? We can analyze your situation, design an adaptation plan and manage it to be a success. In this process, we will support the creation of the necessary policies, analyzing their procedures and adapting them. We lead necessary projects as may be the implementation of other security solutions such as HIDS, IDS, and so on.

Regular Activities

In order to comply with PCI-DSS, it is necessary to develop regular enforcement activities such as intrusion tests, vulnerability scans, risk analysis, code analysis or review of logs,review of compliance controls, incident management, and so on.


PCI-DSS requires organizations to perform different types of training depending on the employees’ profiles in order to make them security aware and improve their security practices. Within this service, we can provide this type of training and awareness to take your company to a higher training on the standard and best practices.

Activities with Third Parties

We take care of our clients’ suppliers to ensure their compliance with the standard. We manage communications with our clients acquiring banks or other suppliers or partners to demonstrate the level of compliance with our clients.


At the client’s premises. Through on-site working, it is possible to coordinate efforts, to define projects and execute key points while remote working allows for a reduction of costs and having a wide range of profiles available to our clients according to their needs.
To learn more about this customized service, do not hesitate to contact us.


As a QSA company and through our experience, we can help you to adapt PCI-DSS as much as possible to your business processes, not the other way around.

It is important to understand the norm and what is intended, in order to align the requirements to the particularities of your organization.

If you want to know more about our service, do not hesitate to contact us.

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