“Varonis DatAdvantage” solution allows access to company data in an accurate, automated and scalable way, revoking unjustified permits and auditing and monitoring access data.
The unmanageable volume of information results in a chaotic file access permissions policy in the vast majority of companies; everyone can access everything or nobody sees anything as an extreme solution. This is a serious problem for company security. We can place perimeter barriers and have strong security measures, but ultimately much of the important information in a company lies in “Word”, “Excel” and other types of documents where we should ask ourselves who can access them and how and when can they be accessed.

The question is simple: are you able to easily answer these questions?

  • What permissions do users have?
  • Who has access to what, during a specific period of time?
  • Who owns the data?
  • Who deleted a certain file?

¿Por qué A2SECURE?

Como empresa QSA y a través de nuestra experiencia podemos ayudarle a que PCI-DSS se adapte en la medida de lo posible a sus procesos negocio, no al revés.

Es importante entender la norma y comprender lo que se pretende a fin de alinear en la medida de los posible los requerimientos a las particularidades de las organizaciones.

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