Virtual CISO

Virtual CISO

It is becoming more and more essential for all types of organizations to have a Security Manager, who can align the business strategy with the risks, hackers’ threats, data thefts that constantly occur in most companies, potential security breaches …  Unfortunately, it is not easy to have the resources and profile it requires.

A2SECURE makes it possible to have a CISO, perfectly adapted to the company’s needs, maximizing resources.

vCISO is a service adapted to each company’s needs. We have professionals with extensive experience in CyberSecurity who can establish strategies, plans and apply different security methodologies in multiple organizations.

Our vCISO advise and analyze the risks of the company and the sector it belongs to, helping to establish a cybersecurity strategy kept over time by proposing action plans and giving them support with the objective of increasing the security of all aspects of the company.

A2vCISO Benefits:

  • Have personnel qualified in CyberSecurity and in the company sector.
  • Establish the Cybersecurity strategy according to the business, without incurring an economic effort for the organization.
  • Thanks to new technologies, having an expert in CyberSecurity at any time and anywhere in the world is of great help.
  • Cybersecurity culture in the organization, creating growth and security awareness dynamics in all employees and departments of the organization.

Projects and Tasks within vCISO

  • Standards compliance.
  • Help and definition of CyberSecurity strategy.
  • CyberSecurity risks management.
  • Management and development of Third Party Risk Management
  • Vulnerability management.
  • Pentesting management in the client’s infrastructure.
  • CyberSecurity training.
  • StartUps CyberSecurity Program.

vCISO Methodology

  1. Design and establish the organization’s CyberSecurity Vision.
  2. Establish, design and prioritize the CyBerSecurity strategy to comply with the organization’s vision and objectives
  3. Establish prioritized Action Plans to reduce risks, and continuously asses new hazards and vulnerabilities, creating an ongoing improvement in CyberSecurity.

What makes us different?

A2SECURE has a highly qualified team to develop Ethical Hacking/Pentesting activities supported by various international certifications. But our trademark is our vocation to make our clients understand our results.

A pentesting activity is really useful when the client is able to understand what has been found, the risks it implies and how it has been possible to get there. The latter is the key point: knowing how a successful attack has been possible, understanding if it is necessary to implement additional control and change an internal process that is causing breaches. In short, taking advantage of the exercise transforming it into improvements for the company.

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