S-SDLC Fundamentals

Implementing the secure development process in companies

Security throughout the software development lifecycle

Nowadays, companies are investing more and more in development in order to create, launch and maintain their software. However, with the increase of threats on the internet and therefore the risks associated with insecure software, there is a need to incorporate cyber security throughout the development process.

Training and implementation of S-SDLC in the organisation

Implementing a Secure Software Development Life Cycle (S-SDLC) is more essential than ever. The S-SDLC is a process used by companies to develop secure applications. This process defines how to integrate security into the software development process from the very beginning.

A2SECURE’s Secure Development programme is designed for enterprise developers to understand the techniques that hackers use to attack a website or application, and to be aware of the potential gateways (vulnerabilities) that are generated when programming and that make businesses and enterprises vulnerable, allowing breaches in systems that result in the loss of sensitive organisational information.

The S-SDLC service provides companies with the knowledge, training and implementation of market-leading technological solutions to ensure that the development cycle complies with the necessary security measures from the outset. Reducing the risks to which systems, networks, websites and applications are exposed, implementing static and dynamic code analysis methods, improving the development process, training your employees in secure development methodology, are some of the benefits of this service.

Training and implementation of Secure Development

The Secure Development Trainings are given in person and online and are customised according to the programming languages used by each company. They are carried out through training sessions that include a theoretical and a practical part, testing developers in a simulated environment where they face attacks and vulnerabilities that typically occur and can be analysed in a web development environment.

Raising awareness among developers is the first, easy and effective measure to decrease cybersecurity risks in organisations. It increases security in companies, reducing possible attack vectors and vulnerabilities, right from the initial stages of development.

Our professionals, experts in frameworks and S-SDLC methodology together with OWASP ASVs, or MASVs for mobile applications, design and implement together with the organisation’s developers the secure development cycle to ensure that the required security is met at all times, as well as helping to integrate different security solutions, static and dynamic code review within the development process.

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