Blue Teaming Service

Early identification, assessment and proactive response to security incidents

Detection of cyber-attacks and full traceability

Today, with the increasing sophistication of online threats, it is clear that not all attacks can be prevented, no matter how good your tools and employee awareness are. Also, most companies are not able to detect if they have suffered a cyber-attack and therefore are not able to respond and recover adequately. That is why incidents happen and why it is more important than ever to have a dedicated security incident detection and response team.

Early detection of security incidents

Having a team of cyber security incident experts who know how to use the right tools is essential for detecting anomalous behaviour and correcting it before your entire business is infected.

A2SECURE’s Blue Team service focuses on observing data traffic, system behaviour, the origin and destination of connections and the actions that company users carry out on a regular basis to determine if the behaviour is normal company behaviour and if not, alerts are available to immediately discover any possible malicious behaviour.

With solutions based on artificial intelligence, the Blue Team Service analyses threats quickly enough to prevent the theft or loss of sensitive data that could lead to serious financial losses for the company.

1. Incident response

Detect a security breach with artificial intelligence-based solutions and technology that support the mapping, definition and implementation of the necessary measures to respond to and contain the incident.

2. Threat ​hunting

Proactively cyber security experts are able to detect and hunt down threats that could harm the organisation. Through iterative and proactive search process to detect and isolate advanced threats capable of evading existing security solutions.

3. Forensic analysis

Study of security incidents to track and obtain the necessary information to discover the source of the incident, how it originated and assess the impact it has had on the organisation and to be able to make a mitigation and prevention plan to ensure that it does not happen again.

4. Early threat detection

Having a global vision of information and security with the necessary technological solutions for real-time monitoring of information and the behaviour of systems and users. Correlation of events to detect complex attacks on the company’s IT and security infrastructure.

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