Vulnerability Management

Maintain systems and applications with an adequate level of security, helping to mitigate the risk of attacks.

We manage and provide the necessary support to remediate your systems

Our cybersecurity experts, consultants and ethical hackers, dedicated exclusively to analyse organisations, detect weaknesses and find any entry points to systems, in order to assess the level of security.

With market-leading tools, we set up vulnerability scans, plan and execute without any interruption to business operations the review of vulnerabilities in the systems. Providing the result in an understandable report for the IT technology area with the detail of how the detected vulnerabilities must be resolved and providing support to all companies that need it to validate that the vulnerability has been successfully resolved.

Vulnerability Management Service, attack prevention

Vulnerability management is considered to be the best method of defence against today’s threats. Many of today’s successful attacks are based on exploiting security issues, e.g. services open to the internet, misconfigurations, services configured by default, or the absence of patches that are made public by the software manufacturer but not implemented by the IT department. It is essential to be aware of these threats early in order to address them.

It is important to understand that continually reviewing the security of systems is an essential practice to establish a first line of defence, but this activity often places a burden on IT departments.

The managed service offered by A2SECURE offers the possibility for our clients to focus only on remediation tasks, leaving the rest of the activities in the hands of A2SECURE’s professional team.

Tailor-made service

Tailor-made service depending on the infrastructure, resources and needs of each client. Through collaboration agreements with the main manufacturers of scanning solutions, we can adjust to different scenarios and environments, even in the cloud; scanning window limitations, integration with the client’s own ticketing systems.

The management and configuration of these solutions falls to A2SECURE’s professionals who monitor assets at all times, analyse vulnerabilities, study the best implementation in the systems and offer a service adapted to each client according to their needs, with the maximum guarantees to prevent, avoid and protect all of our clients’ infrastructure so that security is not a problem for the operation of the business.

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