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Security and Cybersecurity Officer for any organisation

We Provide the Resources Required to Improve the Security of your Business

It becomes more essential for every organisation to have a Security Officer to align a business’ strategy with its risks, threats from hackers and data thefts that are happening all the time in most businesses. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find the suitability qualified people to perform that function. A2SECURE makes it possible to have a CISO perfectly suited to the specific situation of any business.

A CISO for Everyone

Our Virtual CISO or online CISO is a service that can adapt to the needs of any business. Our experts have wide experience in Cybersecurity and can devise strategies and plans and use different security approaches in multiple organisations.

Our vCISOs review and analyse the risks in a business and its industry, helping to develop a long-term Cybersecurity strategy, proposing action plans and supporting customers to continuously improve security throughout their businesses.

Cybersecurity Strategy

Developing and implementing a Cybersecurity vision in organisations that matches their underlying business, without them having to employ dedicated resources. A business’ cybersecurity strategy is developed in response to the needs of the business, determining its risks and compliance with the standards relevant to the industry and taking account of all stakeholders and suppliers to develop a global security strategy.

Risk Reduction

Assessment of technology risks, information loss, identity theft, finding security breaches through system vulnerability analysis, internal and external intrusion testing of infrastructure are the tools that give us a clear snapshot of security status, allows us to analyse risks and determine what steps are required to foster a cybersecurity culture in a business and continuous improvement of an organisation’s processes.

Cybersecurity Culture

Organisations must foster a global cybersecurity culture among the whole workforce. Through awareness-raising, social engineering testing, security newsletters, businesses can foster the growth and awareness of security in the whole workforce and across every department in the organisation and limit and reduce the risks that every business is exposed to by the simple fact of using technology and the internet.

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