Cyber Risk Assessment

Assess whether you are ready for the threats of the digital world

Measure your business’s cyberresilience and manage latent cybersecurity risks in the digital age

Cyberresilience is the capacity of an organisation to maintain security and integrity throughout the organisation in the face of the latent threat of cybersecurity attacks. A2SECURE’s Cyberrisk service is an outsourced service that enables businesses to assess their level of exposure and risk given the threats to which they are exposed.

A2SECURE’s assessment of cyberrisks gives you a clear idea of the effectiveness of your existing cybersecurity measures and how ready you are to manage cyberrisks.

Cyberrisks Service, face risk with the experts

Through a process of risk identification, analysis and assessment tailored to each customer, this service identifies security gaps in people, processes and technology. The ultimate aim is to ensure that the cybersecurity controls in place and system security measures are functioning correctly, and to propose new controls intended to mitigate any uncovered risks.

There are many facets to cybersecurity: People – cybersecurity culture, Processes – monitoring strategy, Technology – protection against threats, Response to security incidents – action protocols, Supplier security – confidence in the security of your suppliers. We analyse and assess each of them to protect organisations against attacks of any kind via the internet (external attack) or internally (from within the organisation).

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