Qualita send2sign

Qualita Solutions & Consulting has developed send2sign, “the solution” for the management of Electronic Signature processes of documents. This platform allows the digital signature of files by several people inside or outside the company. With send2sign, you can sign in 3 different ways, through Biometric Signature, Remote Signature or Centralized Signature. Furthermore, send2sign ensures that the identity of the signers and the identification of the documents being signed are protected. Security is a priority factor for the proper functioning of this platform.

The security audit conducted by A2SECURE analyzed the send2sign platform, infrastructure and functionalities. It also studied the possible attacks that could extract information and even modify the application code. It has also verified that the solution has been developed in a secure manner, following OWASP, ISO, NIST and PCI-DSS standards.

Experts in cybersecurity, systems, websites, platforms and on-line applications confirm that concern for maintaining the correct functioning of systems and safeguarding information are essential factors in minimizing risks for organizations. As security experts, A2SECURE recommends that audits be customized in order to maximize protection for companies and customers.