The payment institution updates its PCI-DSS Service Provider Level 1 certification

PAYMATICO PAYMENT INSTITUTION is a payment institution registered in the special registry of entities of the Bank of Spain and has been operating with its European license since 2013. The entity offers payment services by automating processes of transfers, debits and card transactions, incorporating a layer of technological services to the daily operations of companies in their relationship with financial institutions, improving productivity and reconciliation of banking information.

Ensuring the confidentiality and protection of your customer’s data

The information that companies have about their customers is very important and valuable information, and we all agree that it is vitally important to protect it and ensure that this sensitive information is managed properly, establishing security mechanisms in a completely digital world.

Therefore, as cybersecurity becomes more and more incorporated into the culture and requirements of organizations, it is necessary to have measures and mechanisms in place to protect and monitor access to information, but above all, it is necessary for all company employees to be aware of the information they are managing and the risks to which the operation is exposed.

José María Martín, CEO of PAYMATICO, says: “Understanding the needs of customers in the management of their operations, providing the best solution with all the guarantees in terms of cybersecurity and protection of their information, is one of our main values, so it is necessary to raise awareness among all our staff and rely on professional experts in the field to advise us and accompany us in monitoring our objectives in the most effective way possible. We rely on A2SECURE as an expert partner in the challenges of information security and compliance, especially with regard to PCI-DSS for payment card processing.

Helping PCI-DSS compliance

“From our compliance department we deal with security operations and the application of regulatory frameworks such as PCI-DSS, ISO27001, RGPD and Money Laundering, but for some months now we have had the support of A2SECURE to apply in depth the scope and protection of our clients’ payment card data,” says José María Martín. “We are continuously working to improve our approach to better information security management.”

To ensure the protection of its customers’ sensitive information, and specifically the protection of payment card data, PAYMATICO sought out a specialized company certified by the PCI Council to obtain the necessary advice and perform the PCI-DSS audit as a Service Provider Level 1 and achieve that certification.