DABA is the exclusive distributor of Nespresso in Spain, Andorra and some African markets. It is part of the Cobega Group, a family-owned corporate group with an international presence and a long business tradition. It currently has a team of more than 1,200 people and manages a network of more than 100 boutiques in the countries in which it operates.

One of its principles and values is excellence and know-how, which is why it focuses on security, setting strategies to ensure that its processes follow good security practices and protect the information it manages, both its own and that of its customers.

The Information Security department focuses its efforts on protecting the information managed by the organization and that includes sensitive customer information such as card data and therefore follows the PCI DSS regulatory framework among other regulatory frameworks to comply with this standard.

Security is one of our Pillars

Having tools that enable prevention, analysis and remediation is the key to protecting information assets.

The PCI DSS standard provides a control framework to reduce the risk of information leakage, to prevent external and/or internal attacks and to have protection and detection controls in place.

Daba uses this regulatory framework for the protection of its information assets and, in turn, complies with the PCI DSS standard since its inception, to ensure that its customers’ data is protected throughout the purchase/sales process, both online and in the boutiques.