Axilone Group

The industrial sector maintains its commitment to digitization without forgetting its production plants with the aim of improving efficiency and the ability to collect data that provides a business vision of its production processes. Operational technology (or operating technologies), known by the acronym OT, have been modified thanks to this digital revolution, which has made it possible to control various operations and industrial processes via the Internet, as well as to know the performance of systems, access valuable data, interpret production over time and look for ways to optimize it.

Axilone Metal, a company of the French Ileos Group in the beauty and pharmaceutical industrial sector that specializes in and is a benchmark in the market for its type of manufacturing of metal parts for perfume, cosmetics and makeup packaging, has been digitizing for some years now and therefore regularly conducts IT/OT security audits to ensure that all its industrial processes are safe and follow the best safety practices.

Axilone Metal relies on A2SECURE to perform security audits on a recurring basis to protect systems, review security and be able to act against any type of cybersecurity threats to which the industrial sector is exposed.

Digitalization and Cybersecurity From the Hand of Experts

Industrial digitization brings many benefits but also more risks as systems are exposed to a new environment, the Internet. New risks arise that make industrial companies keep in mind the security of the systems and information they manage to protect them from threats such as industrial espionage, massive attacks through malware and threats against embedded technology. All this means that this sector integrates cybersecurity into its processes as one more process to be guaranteed in all the organization’s processes and carries out regular actions to control the security level of its critical information systems at all times, since in case of failure they can produce very high economic losses.