Cyber Security Trends 2019

By albert
7 Feb 2019

The RSA Conference is one of the most attractive events in the security world, not only because of the speakers, the content and the networking opportunities, but also because the security world gravitates around it.

The RSA Conference Program Committee announced some clues about what would be the content based on the submissions to the different tracks for March. In other words, the submissions reflect the main concerns in the industry gathered from their customers, which are the Cyber Sec Trends for 2019!

Cyber Sec Trends 2019

Have a look at the trends, as defined by the conference tracks.

In the security strategy and architecture track, the trend is Zero Trust technology. But what does “Zero Trust” mean?

The corporate security perimeter no longer makes sense because applications, users, and devices are moving outside, disintegrating what was once the trusted enterprise perimeter.

All of us aim for a more secure environment in our companies, as interconnection with third parties grows to bring new business channels and revenue contributors. This is the requirement to “digitalizing” and transforming your business.

In these conditions, authorising who has access, from where and to what, is the main challenge of this architecture.

Protection is now needed where applications and data, and users and devices, are.

As the commandment says: “never trust, always verify”.

Hackers and threats track deals with the growing underground economy, advanced threats, ransomware, cyber-weapons, new classes of vulnerabilities, exploitation techniques, reverse engineering, and how to combat these problems.

AI, Machine Learning and IoT

There are three technologies which are specially suited to combating hackers and threats, although their usage and application is just starting. The new paradigm has Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) – as the main drivers -, and eventually the Internet of Things (IoT).

AI and ML are based on large data gathering nowadays, but this is useless if there are no methods to normalize the analysis of this data and leverage it into the enterprise to combat the adversary, to detect and block them.

Moreover, the broad range of connectable home and enterprise devices create a constellation of connection points for hackers to gain access into IoT ecosystems, gaining access customer information, or even penetrate manufacturers’ back-end systems.

The trend we will see is to push the output from AI, ML and IoT back into whatever capability each organization is trying to use, as well as smarter applications in the security environment of these technologies or their combination.

With regards to the AI & ML track, it is very noticeable that the hype is still to come, because no completed cyber sec products will be presented yet.

Emerging threats

In emerging threats, the industry concerned are focus on a wide range of threats, from cryptojacking (the unauthorized use of someone else’s computer to mine cryptocurrency) and destructive ransomware to social engineering and IoT attacks.

The trend sounds apocalyptic, but you need to plan to prevent and protect yourself from these threats before they become real attacks.  

The best option for your company will be to get inside the minds and motivations of the adversaries, foreseeing top attack vectors, and defining effective response and recovery strategies.

Being pragmatic, counting on cyber security expert companies such as A2SECURE who take a closer look at some of the more notable risks in the battle to combat cyber threats, will make your life easier.

In the other tracks, nothing was prominent, except for the blockchain and cryptography track. Here, the trend indicates that there is a lot of interest to see when these technologies will come to live, although there is some hype over extending cryptography wherever possible in the sec environment.

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Anyway, we’ll keep you posted.

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