Mobile App Security Testing

Mobile Application Test

Today, mobile telephones with Internet access have become a new channel of communication and promotion for companies. The so-called “apps” or applications for mobiles grow exponentially, and ultimately having an application for immediate communication between the company and the client has become a new form of mandatory interaction. But what security risks are involved with said “apps”?


When a company designs this type of applications, it does so thinking about its functionality, its value at the level of marketing, the proximity it generates with its clients, e-commerce opportunities it provides, etc. But the reality is that it should also be borne in mind what can happen if users suffer some kind of incident on their computers through the application. Mobile devices contain valuable information which must be protected, such as the list of contacts, calendar, documents and access codes and other personal data. In addition, the company must protect the assets available to the user. By implementing the use of these applications, the company provides a code that is installed on the computer of a client that permits access to data that a third party could manipulate for improper use.


Through various security analysis techniques, it is possible to evaluate the app security in order to ensure both the security of its users and communication with other security assets of the companies that support them.

Said techniques range from:

  • Static analysis
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Source code review
  • Database check
  • Using a proxy to analyze communications
  • Analysis of the file management, memory and network
  • Study of the data storage protective structure
  • Snapshots and keyloggers control
  • Application decompilation

In some cases, the methods used are exclusive to one type of application or to the specific needs of our client, but generally a customized combination to obtain a complete and relevant analysis of the mobile application is deployed.

We always work closely with our clients providing information at all times about our actions and discoveries. For us, working closely with our clients is the best way to understand and help them.


Mobile app security testing services are tailor-made projects for our clients. Thus, our work begins and ends where the client requires, either with:

  • Reporting results
  • Presentation of results meetings or workshops
  • Executive reporting
  • Training sessions aimed at understanding the deficiencies found
  • Remediation period support
  • Validation of remediation.

This activity permits control of the security of those islands outside the infrastructure of the company known as the apps. The apps are installed on the client side and a security error in them can compromise the security of the company as well as the user’s one; so the risk of damage to the image of the company is important.

What makes us different?

A2SECURE has a highly qualified team to develop Ethical Hacking/Pentesting activities supported by various international certifications. But our trademark is our vocation to make our clients understand our results.

A pentesting activity is really useful when the client is able to understand what has been found, the risks it implies and how it has been possible to get there. The latter is the key point: knowing how a successful attack has been possible, understanding if it is necessary to implement additional control and change an internal process that is causing breaches. In short, taking advantage of the exercise transforming it into improvements for the company.

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