How can you be sure that the infrastructure, the network and the systems are not vulnerable to a cyberattack? Let’s test the company! A2SECURE aims to improve the information security of organizations.

Security in companies and organizations is increasingly important. There is growing concern among company leaders regarding the security of their systems against competitors, external threats, malware, etc.

A2SECURE provides CyberSecurity projects to cover said needs, offering advice, and improving systems security against threats and cyber attacks.

A2SECURE has cybersecurity experts, consultants, and ethical hackers, who are exclusively focused on analyzing organizations, detecting their weaknesses, and finding any entry points to the systems, in order to test their security level.

In all of our projects, our main premise is to help our clients to know the real status of their security in the scenario they have established and how to improve it. We work based on best practices and we have a highly specialized team with continuous training, holding certifications such as: OSCP, PCI QSA, CEH, CHFI, CISA, CISSP, ITIL …

We develop security audit projects focused on the most vulnerable security areas:

Vulnerability Scan

Vulnerabilities present in the organization’s infrastructure are detected by means of automatic tools designed to detect all types of vulnerabilities (Qualys, Nessus, Acunetix, etc.). Subsequently, the vulnerabilities found are analyzed and a remediation plan is proposed. Everything is managed and monitored by our team of cybersecurity experts.

Security Audits- Intrusion Test

The most proactive way to close possible security breaches is to know what a malicious attacker could do with them, just before they are exploited.

With different black, white or grey box approaches, and following the most widespread methodologies in the world, such as OWASP, PCI-DSS, NIST recommendations, etc., we analyze vulnerabilities, both internally and externally, through a controlled exploitation without affecting the business operations.

Our Ethical Hacking experts perform pentesting activities in any type of infrastructure, both internally and externally, taking advantage of the organization and its systems’ vulnerabilities.

Security audit: web application intrusion test

Where there is a form, an Internet getaway, a button … there is a possible way to access the system through ports that the firewalls have left open.

Protecting web applications against common errors such as those suggested by the OWASP methodology and also against the imagination, creativity, and intelligence of an attacker is crucial nowadays.

Security Audit – Mobile Application Intrusion Test

85% of current e-commerce transactions are conducted through our mobile devices and in particular via APPs. Simply focusing on protecting our IT infrastructures, servers or web applications, without covering the APPs is a huge error that poses a significant risk to organizations, leaving a possible back open door.

Reviewing, testing and analyzing potential security breaches in the APPs is of vital, importance to protect the information managed by these applications. A2SECURE uses specific methodologies to scan and detect potential vulnerabilities in them.

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What makes us different?

A2SECURE has a highly qualified team to develop Ethical Hacking/Pentesting activities supported by various international certifications. But our trademark is our vocation to make our clients understand our results.

A pentesting activity is really useful when the client is able to understand what has been found, the risks it implies and how it has been possible to get there. The latter is the key point: knowing how a successful attack has been possible, understanding if it is necessary to implement additional control and change an internal process that is causing breaches. In short, taking advantage of the exercise transforming it into improvements for the company.

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