Huawei, we need to talk…

By albert
13 Feb 2019

Specialized press and even mass media are currently packed with publications talking about Huawei and how the Chinese company may be a threat to all of us. But having so much information can lead to a misinformed or confused audience.
Huawei LogoHuawei is a Chinese telecom giant. It’s the world’s top telecom supplier and the world’s second telephone manufacturer. Partly due to access to cheap finance it helped decreasing equipment prices over the years, even though nowadays its equipment isn’t the cheapest anymore, its constant investment in R+D increased drastically its products’ quality and sophistication.  
The main problem with the Asian company is related to the fact that the Chinese government may be interfering in its usual business development in order to allegedly include tactics and components in their products that allow spying on other countries and companies. The company has been banned and is facing trouble for deploying its infrastructure in some countries such as the US, Australia or Japan.
The latest news is that FBI set up a trap meeting at CES 2019 between Huawei representatives and a small American company that seemed to have issues with them regarding intellectual propriety.
From their side, Huawei have always maintained their innocence denying any illegitimate procedure from being used in their processes or manufacturing.
It may be difficult to follow-up all the information that has appeared related to the company over the last years or even months so here is a little recap including some of the published information regarding Huawei affairs for the last months:
January 2018

  • Verizon’s deal over Huawei’s new top range phone cancelled due to political pressure.
  • AT&T support loss was announced at CES 2018.

February 2018

  • FBI alerts and recommends not buying ZTE or Huawei phones.

March 2018

  • Best Buy to stop selling Huawei phones.

May 2018

  • Huawei and ZTE phones selling on US military bases banned by the Pentagon.

June 2018

  • According to a report Facebook granted Huawei special access to its data.
  • US Congress expressed its concerns about Google relations with Huawei.

July 2018

  • Australia removes Huawei from national 5G deployment due to security concerns.

September 2018

  • Facebook and Twitter US Senate hearing ends up striking on ZTE and Huawei.

October 2018

  • Huawei and US startup CNEX are on an open dispute over technology theft.

December 2018

  • BT will get rid of Huawei equipment from current 4G network and won’t use it in its future 5G tech.
  • Huawei CFO arrested in Canada per US request.
  • Japan will stop buying ZTE and Huawei material.

January 2019

  • Donald Trump may halt Huawei and ZTE purchases by issuing an executive order.
  • Laptops and tablets are Huawei’s tool at CES to maintain its presence in the US market.
  • A Huawei employee gets arrested and fired in Poland accused of espionage.
  • China threats Canada over the ban on Huawei’s 5G stating that it will entail «repercussions».
  • According to a report, Huawei’s CFO may be formally extradited to the US.
  • US Colleges are dropping Huawei equipment to please the Trump administration.
  • 23 formal indictments against Huawei in the US for alleged fraud and trade secret theft.
  • FBI Property theft investigation included raiding a Huawei lab and setting up a trap meeting at 2019 CES.
  • Denmark expelled 2 Huawei’s staff members due to problems with work permissions.

February 2019

  • GSMA has set up a meeting during 2019 Mobile World Congress to debate over Huawei bans.
  • Angela Merkel is concerned about internal security and demands safeguards to avoid China espionage through Huawei devices.
  • NATO encourages its allies to define a common position regarding Huawei’s current situation and the deployment of its 5G technology.

This situation does not seem to have a happy ending coming soon. Like a soap opera, next episodes will need to be followed so that audience can get to know further details on the alleged conspiracy that is impacting the whole world.

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Autor: Ferran Cabré

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